Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000: Which One is the Best?

Oral B is a great brand that always includes many innovative and exclusive concepts for all its items. Oral B hasn’t didn’t impress its users with the very best features and item information. Be it the great level items or the merchandise at the basic level,
With so very much perfection in its whole product,
it occasionally becomes quite difficult for the users to find the best product out from the many available options.
Also switching from manual toothbrush to the electrical toothbrush can be one big stage to take and therefore you have to be sure you are choosing the right item for yourself.
Why don’t we make a quick assessment between two of the very most competitive toothbrushes at the basic level – Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000.
The comparison among both most popular types of Oral B can help the buyers to find the best item in the perfect manner so when per their demands and requirements.

What Oral B Pro 1000 CAN PROVIDE to its Users?


Oral B pro 1000 is among the simplest yet effective types of the brand Oral B.
It really is inclined on the essential simpleness of the toothbrushes instead of highlighting most of the advanced features.
it’s simply it presents those needed features in the easier manner.
The model is powerful alone and works easily for eliminating the plaque very efficiently.
If you are searching for the perfect mix of simplicity and effectiveness after that Oral B pro 1000 out of Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000 would be the best choice.

How Oral B Pro 3000 differs From the ADDITIONAL OPTIONS?


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Oral B pro 3000 may very well be the deluxe brush since it is well-outfitted with fresh features and better advantage.
The current presence of the most recent technology in the toothbrush assists in making this identified as a good toothbrush on the market.
The model targets removing the top stains from one’s teeth along with eliminating the plaque to make sure providing brighter and whiter smile.
this toothbrush can be a notch higher. this model can be powerful in its working but taking into consideration the Oral B pro 1000 vs 3000 ; Like the Oral B pro 1000,
The option of the Bluetooth technology in the brush helps it be a good brush that assists its users to obtain quick feedback and detailed reviews of their brushing.

Oral B Pro 1000 vs 3000 – Comparison Desk

Here’s the quick go through the different features of both items under Oral B 1000 versus 3000:

Essential Difference

Here are a few of the fundamental yet considerable points because the key difference between your Oral B pro-1000 vs 3000. Why don’t we take a glance:
These factors can help in understanding the working and features of both items with a clearer eyesight.

Cleaning settings


Discussing the model Oral B pro 1000,
The brushing style and setting are kept very easy and minimal in this model type to guarantee the detailed and correct functioning. it provides just 1 cleaning setting to its users that is Daily cleaning.
Whereas, Therefore, the majority of the users refer this model because the sensible brush. All of the different cleaning modes are therefore combined jointly that the ultimate result may be the ultimate oral treatment of an individual. The offered cleaning settings are as follow:

    • Daily clean
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    • Gum treatment


    • Sensitive



Toothbrush shades

both models give some color range to its users. Discussing the two versions, there are plenty of color options available searching for attracting the buyers. Hence,
The Oral B pro 1000 will come in 3 different color choices which are as stick to:
However, the Oral B pro 3000 model presents two different color types to its users which are specifically as stick to:
Despite getting lesser in color variants,

Provided benefits

If you are utilizing a smart toothbrush, Both types of Oral B took good care of the.
the provided benefits are one solid aspect that everyone considers. No-one will be thinking about buying your item if it generally does not give any specific or exclusive advantages to its users.
Because the model Oral B pro 1000 provide advantage of being simple and even in its working and usage it really is among the preferred options of the beginners who’ve just started using a power toothbrush.
The Oral B pro 3000 presents a clearly noticeable pressure sensor for making certain brushing is performed with the balanced strain on the the teeth.
It also includes Bluetooth online connectivity for providing quick and detailed responses to the users.

Brush heads

Both toothbrush models give different brush heads types because of their users.
Both brush heads of both models deliver their very own distinguished and innovative working and thus are recommended by different consumer types because of their different requirements and requirements.


Since it is stated, the more they’ll ask you for. the better they provide you,
it falls somewhat higher on the purchase price side. Because the Oral B pro 3000 supplies the latest technology alongside many additional benefits on the Oral B pro-1000,
The Oral B pro 1000 can be cheaper in both options can simply be bought by both the newbies and regular users.
Whereas, the purchase price for the offered top features of Oral B pro 3000 is very worth of the purchase. However,

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Which One to select?

Since Oral B pro 3000 can be regarded as the clever brush and includes different benefits and is manufactured with the most recent technology,
the only real concern that may can be found in just how of purchase may be the higher cost of the toothbrush but taking into consideration its provided features the price is very worthy of to be paid.
You would not really regret your decision of shopping for Oral B Pro 3000 on the other offered toothbrush since it is among the best in its kind.
We will suggest preferring this clever toothbrush on the others so you can get a whiter and shielded oral care.




today’s generation requirements everything to end up being the very best and thus the marketplace is filled with different varieties of virtually all the products.
The primary concerning reality is to find the best and the best option product that can find yourself delivering the required results according to the requirements and requirements of an individual.
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